1) If you don’t have a telephone get one installed. The alternative is to make an arrangement with the telephone company and a friend or relative, to have your name listed with their phone.
2) If you have more than one job, list the one that provides you with the greatest income.
3) Add up your income from all sources and place the total in your gross income listing. Be prepared to submit a supplement to your application if they want to verify your income with your employer.
4) Many banks will have a list of 'good' and 'bad' reasons for borrowing money. Unless you are applying for a secured loan, you don’t have to spend the money for the reason specified. 'Good' reasons include home improvement, education, loan to establish credit, medical treatment for you or your family, and secured loans for a home, car, boat, and other properties. 'Bad' reasons include loans that create another obligation such as that created when you borrow money for a down payment and then have two payments to make; money to pay aa fine or penaltly; money to consolidate debts, unless you are doing it to get lower interest rates; an unnecessary luxury item; money to finance politics; and money that you will loan to someone else. Use a little common sense in determining what type of loan a creditor may consider bad.
5) Banks use dependent figures to determine what your living costs are. If you have more than two dependents you should indicate how they earn their own way or are self-supporting.
6) If you don’t own your own home, counteract this by showing how stable you are. For example, even though you have only rented in a new location for a relatively short time, you lived at your last residence for many years. You moved to improve yourself in some way.
7) Even job changes can be counteracted if each change increased your salary and improved your position.
8) Don’t ever let a creditor guess as to whether or not you can afford the extra obligation you are asking for. Make it obvious by the amount of your income. If you have more income sources than just your salary, include those amounts

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