If you complete an application and are still rejected, the very first thing you should do is be persistent and never give up. There are many reasons why a person may be turned down for credit, but whatever the reason, you have a legal right to ask a creditor what their reason was.
By knowing what some of the main reasons are for denying credit you can put yourself in a position whereby you can make necessary adjustments and avoid negative effects in advance. If you are turned down, you can then of course concentrate on those points when you reapply.
When you are dealing with creditors you will know who is the cooperative sort, and who is not. If an unsecured loan does not appear imminent, turn the conversation to a secured loan. Then all you do is deposit an amount into savings account to serve as collateral for the amount of credit you want to secure. In some cases the creditor may take personal property as security. If you go to one creditor and it’s clear he has no imagination to deal, go to another who is willing.

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