A co-signer is soneone who generall has better credit than the person he is co-signing for. He is also the person a creditor will go after first in the event you do not pay off you debt. Why? Because the know that co-signers don’t want their credit ratings ruined and will quickly settle the obligation.
If you are trying to establish or rebuild credit, co-signers can help you achieve that goal. Naturally you wouldn’t need a co-signer every time you apply for credit. After paying off one obligation with a co-signer, it should be much easier to acquire more credit on your own.
Co-signers are usually friends or relatives. When you find someone willing to help they should be offered some compensation agreeable to both of you. Your application for credit will be approved primarily on the strength of your co-signer’s credit.
The tips and techniques described in this report are meant to increase the odds for anyone who is absolutely certain they cannot get a Visa/Mastercard through normal channels. You should make every attempt to clean up your credit report by removing negative items and replacing them with positive items. If you have no credit at all, open an account at a local department store. After a few months apply for your bank card. If you are rejected, find out why and correct the problem. If that doesn’t work, cultivate a relationship with your banker. Open other accounts that are easier to obtain. Increase your income. Buy a home. Make yourself a better credit risk on your credit report. Ask a friend or relative to co-sign. After paying off that debt, reapply on your own. Or, the fastest and easiest way to open a Visa or Mastercard account in your own name, is through a secured account.
Secured Visa and Mastercard bank cards are issued by savings and loan associations throughout the U.S. The lender will ask you to open a savings account. The funds placed into the savings account are frozen as long as there is an outstanding balance on the credit card. The savings account acts as security against non-payment of charges made against the credit card. Then, in the event a cardholder doesn’t pay, funds from the frozen account can be used to pay off the debt. This method completely reduces any risk to the lender.
Requirements are often lowered by lending institutions that have this program. So if you couldn’t obtain a card through your regular bank, chances are you will receive one through a secured credit card program without a credit check.

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