Balance Transfer Deals - Each As Certain Advantages

Balance Transfer Deals - Each As Certain Advantages
By []Mark Q. Johnson

There are several different balance transfer deals available to the consumers. The right one for the consumer depends on their specific needs.

If an account holder has $5000 of credit debt on three different cards and an offer to consolidate to one card with a credit line of $15000 or above. This could be favorable to the consumer. The deciding factor would be what the interest rate would be and for how long.

There are many balance transfer deals that are at 0 percent interest for a very limited time. If the revolving balance cannot be paid off before the introductory time period ends, then the go to interest rate will be increased and the consumer usually ends up paying more than if they would have left the money owed where it was.

The best balance transfer deals that credit card companies offer consumers with a large revolving debt are the ones that have a low fixed rate of interest for the life of the debt. These are not as attractive looking to the consumer because the credit card companies make less money from them. These also have a catch to them. The 30% credit line to debt ratio has to be maintained by the consumer. This way their credit score will not be lowered with this consolidation move. The credit card companies will not tell consumers this. The more debt they control, the bigger their profits are.

Credit card companies are in business to make the largest profit possible off of consumers' debt. The balance transfer deals are just a couple of ways they try to do this. Select the best balance transfer deals available to you, with caution.

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