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By []Lucy Lewis

Have you ever experienced unfair bank charges? Chances are you have, same as millions of people. How good would it be if you could claim every single charge back in one big bulk? No I'm not joking it is possible and you can apply today. There are lots of companies out there today that will help you reclaim those bank charges. With some banks they can charge up to £40 for overdrafts or bounced cheques or failed direct debits, thousands of people every month is fighting to get them back. Are you going to be one of them?

One out of five bank customers have experienced these disgusting charges me being one of them and because people think that banks are in an "authoritative" position they think it is the banks legal right to do so. But this is wrong. I went to the bank the other day to find that my direct debits went out and I was £1 over and I was charged £32 and then a further £30 at the end of the month for going overdrawn in the first place! That is a pure rip-off! I think banks charge too much over minor difficulties.

Can you imagine a single mother of 3 going to collect her children's benefits etc that pay to feed her children and put clothes on their back, then going to her bank to find £60 plus gone which would pay for food for 3-4 days just because she was a couple of pounds off of her direct debit/ overdraft amount. They are in theory taking food out of these children's mouth and should be ashamed of themselves.

Banks in general should be more sympathetic especially during the credit crunch, some people get in major debt over bank charges. Now it's your turn to take charge of your bank and be one of the thousands to claim all your money back that is rightly yours. Many people have succeeded in reclaiming thousands of pounds, but you have to be quick as the majority of reclaim company's can only go back 6 years. Why don't you try claiming? What is there to lose?

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Lucy Lewis is new at writing articles, with her charming and inquisitive mind she wants to explore the literacy world in a whole different light. So watch out for further articles.

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