Cash back Rewards

Many cards offer bonuses or rewards, such as earning mileage points with specified airlines, cash back on purchases, or discounts on other services and goods. These bonuses and rewards can add up to significant benefits if you are a frequent user of such services. For example, many consumers have credit cards that charge annual fees, but they also earn mileage points for each dollar spent. Putting all of your purchases onto your credit card can quickly earn you a free airplane ticket.

Some credit lines may be as low as $300.00, but that can change when the credit card reviews your credit history and finds you’re in excellent credit standing, so you have nothing to worry about.There are cash back rewards card carries a minimum cap of 19.99% on cash advances, which means that the lowest possible APR on this type of transaction may never be reached. Still, this credit card offers a reasonably low purchase APR, currently set at a noble 9.99%. What’s more, you are granted five Dollars for each individual balance transfer of $1,500 or more.(Citibank)

Make room in your wallet for something that’s better than money. Think about it. You give money away every time you go to purchase something, but with Cash back credit cards, you keep your card forever, and instead of handing over your money, you get money back…and back, and back, and back.

Before you apply for a credit card, contact the issuer to verify their current offerings. Aside from that, do your research, as many alternatives exist and at costs that can vary significantly.

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