Best Credit Card Balance Transfer Rate: It Pays to Shop

Best Credit Card Balance Transfer Rate: It Pays to Shop

Smart shopping for 0% APR credit cards can save consumers hundreds of dollars in interest charges. Many consumers do not think to shop around for credit cards. However, with 60 percent of grocery store purchases being made with credit cards, the decision as to which card the consumer uses can have an impact on how much is paid in interest. One way you can save money in interest charges is to shop around for a 0% APR credit card to transfer existing balances to. The concept of shopping for the best interest rates is not new for purchases such as homes and cars, but so few consumers stop to think about shopping around for the best credit card deal.

0% APR credit cards save consumers money

It is possible for you to save hundreds of dollars a year by transferring balances to a 0% APR credit card. Here is how it works: A consumer applies for a new credit card with a special introductory interest rate of 0% APR for balance transfers. After gaining approval, the consumer transfers the balance of his or her credit cards to the new card. Some companies may waive the balance transfer fee, but a standard fee is usually a small percentage of the transferred balance. Whether the old card has a low 8.9% APR, or whether it has a higher 15.9% APR, the potential savings are well worth the transfer. For the entire introductory period (usually 6 to 12 months) it is possible for consumers to avoid paying interest on their credit card debt.

Shopping around for the best bargain is a way of life for many. Applying that rule to credit card applications can mean that you get to keep more of your hard earned cash.

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