How to Get Access to Free Money

How to Get Access to Free Money
By []Lil Waldner

There are no longer any doubts. The world undergoes the worst financial crisis for decades. Some experts already state the world could be faced with an even worse crisis than the Great Depression during the thirties. US professor Robert Shillers belongs to the few economists who have predicted the crisis and he states that the crisis goes on. Industrial production slumped about 17 percent worldwide according to a JP Morgan index. Unemployment rates increase in all the important industrialised countries while the gross domestic products fall.

Money will be scarce

Money will be scarce in the near future. US consumers start saving money because they fear for their jobs. The days of easy access to bank credits are over. Banks restrain from splendid lending. Many people are not aware that there is a proven source of money in the United States. There are a multitude of opportunities to receive free government grants by the US.

US inhabitants have access to free money

US citizens and residents are eligible for free grants by the US state. People from thoroughly different background and social status can benefit from these generous grants. The federal government allocates every year millions and millions of Dollars to various agencies to give grants to US citizens. An example: Small businesses and start-ups can get free grants up to 250,000 Dollars. This free access for young entrepreneurs, innovative start ups makes the US so different from the old continent Europe. It makes the US an innovative and dynamic economy.

There are also free grants available for other important purposes as education on all levels of schools, health care, home repair, childcare, housing assistance.

Bad credit repair

Even people who stick in debts have a chance to obtain free government grants. This is helpful in cases of bad credit repair. Many Americans struggle with debts and they need to find a way out.

Although there is a lot of free money out there the government spends little time and money advertising these funding opportunities. The people need to make their own inquiries how to get to that money and how to apply for it in a correct way. Or they may look for guidance by a government agency.

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Liliane Waldner

Liliane Waldner is a business economist. She lives in Zurich. She has been in a member of the parliament of the State of Zurich during 17 years. She has attended the board of several public entities and companies, some of them dealing with the financial markets. Her website is:

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The money will be short in the near future. Even in the US many people are not aware that there is free money available for US residents and citizens by the US state. The article describes these financial opportunities for useful purposes that could be helpful in this time of crisis.

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