Why you shouldn't cancel your credit card ?

An unused card is still an active account (until expiration), so while you might not be getting a bill in the mail, the bank still counts you as a customer.

An unused lines of credit hurt your credit score.Removing your old closed accounts that have no negative items is a bad idea.Because Lenders is looking for a long credit history. You should never close your credit accounts.Once you close a credit account, that account is put on the fast track off your TRWs.That account will be removed in six to eight years whether good or bad. Without open credit accounts, creditors do not know how you pay your bills.

Just keep them open for one year.Buy something small price and pay it off in full.This will keep the creditor from closing your account, and will sure that they are more willing to raise your available credit when asked, or give you an excellent balance transfer offer.

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