How to Correct a Wrong Credit Card Record


How to Correct a Wrong Credit Card Record
By []Sam Kristen

Read every write-up about correcting an incorrect credit card record, you will be told that when a dispute flares up over the issue you must prepare yourself for a legal tussle. You are advised to act businesslike, keep every conceivable document about the problem, and keep a phone log of calls between you and the bureau as well as a daybook or a diary recording the events as they unfold. However, the legal option obscures the fact that there are other ways to get creditors and credit bureaus to correct any mistake in your credit report. Suppose you decide to prove that you are right while the credit bureau is wrong in an unorthodox way? Here are tips about other measures which can be acted upon to remedy the unacceptable situation.


A few people who have had the problem of an incorrect credit record have resorted to the use of the wide resources of the web to get a redress and succeeded in getting credit bureaus to act positively. To adopt this method, you can post every relevant information concerning the dispute on the web, chronicling the details of the problem and displaying the documents in your possession for everyone to see. Free websites, list serves, and forums are particularly useful for this campaign. After posting the details of the dispute, you must ensure that the credit bureau at the centre of the issue is notified about this development, so they can see what you have done.


Newspapers, over the centuries, have been a means through which the aggrieved have sought for redress for the wrongs done to them. Nobody says that the medium cannot be used in the same way in this case, especially when your good reputation is seriously at the risk of being damaged. You can make use of the talents of an investigating reporter, presenting to him the documents about the dispute. The story, when published on the pages of the newspaper, will make the credit bureau at the centre of the storm to look into your case with much more seriousness than when you were acting on your own. Even if the story is not published, the mere fact that the reporter approaches the bureau to balance his story is enough reason for action about your case to be taken.


The credit bureau is controlled by people, not ghosts; and they can be reached! As you make phone calls to fight against the unjust treatment being meted out to you, you must try to get the exact names of the persons receiving the calls for documentary evidence and contacts to address your certified letters to. Also, through the use of powerful search engines, you can get the names of the executives of the credit bureau. The latter can prove crucial to resolve the dispute, particularly when all of them have access to the mass of documentary evidence which show that the bureau, and not you, is wrong in the dispute. Remember, when contacting the executives of the bureau, you should be prepared to go as far as the board of directors if need be.

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