4 Reasons To Accept Credit Cards By Phone

4 Reasons To Accept Credit Cards By Phone by Philip Ritchie

Accepting credit cards by phone is a smart choice for the small business owner. Below are 4 reasons to consider this option as an integral part of expanding your business and putting more money in your bank account.


Accepting credit cards by phone adds a powerful convenience factor to your business. If you don't have a formal office or place of business for your customers to come in and pay, Dial Pay service is an excellent and essential tool. Or, maybe you do have a shop or store but would simply like the ability to close the deal with your customer no matter where you are. Either way, you will likely see your profits and customer satisfaction increase. Just think of the advantages of being able to accept payments by phone, on a job site, in a restaurant or even while at the grocery store. Because of todays fast paced "do it now" mentality, over the phone payment can provide the solution you and your customers are looking for.

A Call to Action

Another advantage to having a dialpay account is that it allows you as the business owner to finalize the transaction. In other words, your customer may verbally commit to you on the sale or service you are providing but unless you can finalize that agreement with payment, you may risk losing the customer to other day to day distractions or worse yet, to another competitor. Having a merchant account that can work on any phone, including a cell phone gives you this powerful advantage and again will only increase your profitability as a business.

Cost Effective

Keeping costs down is vital for any small or new business. Your standard merchant account requires you to have a credit card machine which can cost you hundreds of dollars, not so great for the little guy or the new business owner who would rather be spending his money on advertising or more important things. Extra fees are another area of high cost that you can expect to have with a typical merchant account. Many times these accounts have $25.00 to $35.00 monthly minimums as well as annual fees. Oh yah, did I mention a whopping $250.00 to $450.00 account cancellation fee if you close your account within the first 2 years? Fees, fees, fees. On the other hand, if you accept credit cards by phone, you usually only pay one rate, a low monthly statement fee and a minimal application fee.

Fewer Headaches

Because there is no equipment needed to set up or use a pay by phone merchant account, you don't have to worry about technical equipment issues such as malfunctioning terminals or programming errors that inevitably happen with merchants that have credit card machines. If you ever had to deal with such a problem you understand the significance and value of having a simple credit card processing by phone solution.

If you are a small business owner on the go, accepting credit cards by phone can be a complement to your business and a boost to your bottom line.

Philip Ritchie is a National Consultant for hundreds of sales reps in the merchant bankcard industry. To learn more about setting up a merchant account with dialpay service visit http://www.chargeonphone.com

Article Source: http://www.myaddirectory.com

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shannon said...

if you have an internet business, you should accept credit cards by phone because some people still aren't comfortable putting their credit card information on the internet, even over a secure server.

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